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We operate a little differently than most communities. We are accepting new members, but our membership is not open. Please DO NOT use the "join community" link above to apply for membership. YOUR ATTEMPT TO JOIN WILL BE IGNORED. [Furthermore, it really ticks off Lynn when she gets mail from LJ because people can't follow directions.]

To apply to photophile, email Don or Lynn with the following information:

  • Your LJ username.
  • The URL to your online portfolio.
  • You can add personal info if you'd like, such as how long you've been shooting, or where you are from, but really, your portfolio is what carries the most weight.

DO NOT send photos directly to us.

Your portfolio should be easy to navigate, and have some structure (i.e., NOT a default directory with a list of file names). It doesn't have to be cutting edge design, but it does need to be serviceable. We'd like to see a minimum of at least 20 images. These should all be actual portfolio pieces and not a mix of personal snapshots and your serious photographic work.

If you'd like to know more about our community, here are some thoughts of Don's:


Photophile is a livejournal community for people that are obsessed with and love the craft of photography. Unlike many other livejournal photographic communities, membership isn't granted to everyone. By approving members to Photophile, we ensure that this is a community full of quality posts and not random pictures of someone's pet cat. Also, this is more than just another place to cross post your pictures and get compliments. We like to encourage honest discussion that goes deeper than "Nice picture". We also encourage members to post constructive criticism, share tips and tricks, or ask for advice.


We welcome people that have an eye for art and aren't afraid to experiment. A wise photographer once said "photography is more about depth of feeling than depth of field. " One day when I’m feeling particularly geeky I’ll hunt down who actually said that- I like it.

We see a lot of folio's full of quite good shots that are a prosaic record of someone's hobbies. Sharp, nicely exposed, carefully framed, technically fine. Yep, pretty ho-hum. If the pictures don’t say anything more than ‘this is a tree’ (inset your subject here..dog, family, car whatever) there’s a fair chance we won’t find it too exciting. Not to say that all pictures have to be startling metaphors expressing the pain and confusion of human existence, but you get the idea. We are just looking for a level of aesthetic interest or visual communication that goes beyond photography as a mere tool for recording the things you like to do. Neither are all photophile pictures masterpieces- hell, far from it- we are all here to learn from each other. But that's the sort of spark we look for in someone's folio.
You don’t need to join if all you want to do is read. Add us to your friends list by all means. Friends are very welcome to comment on member’s posts, that’s fine, but don’t bother joining unless you really want to get involved. We want photophile to be the photo community you invest the most time in, because if you do, we think it could become the most rewarding photo community on Livejournal.


Thankfully this is a well behaved group, so we don't have much use for a lengthy set of rules. But please note the following:

-Posting advertisements for other communities is NOT ALLOWED. (The only possible exception to this rule will be if your community is something really special, photography related, and you get moderator approval first.)

-Comments for all posts must be enabled. No posting a picture and linking to your journal and turning off comments. That's an obvious tactic to just get more comments to your journal. If you don't want to interact with this community then don't join. This community is as much about discussion as it is about showing work. A community defeats its purpose by turning off comments. Posts that break this rule are subject to deletion.

-Sensitive subject matter or extremely large images should go under an LJ-cut. If you are posting something that doesn't require an LJ-cut, please use the height and width attributes in your html coding so that the picture displays on people's friends lists at the proper size before it finishes downloading. (This keeps the text from jumping all over their page when the image finishes loading.)

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