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Sinking the sidewalk

sinking the sidewalk at the end of the day

©2010 Ed Book

I made this image (digital painting based on a photograph) the last time I was in Seattle. This worker was part of a crew who were working on the street about a block away and were working after dark. They finished and were walking down the street. I was standing across the street looking at the large roll-up garage door at Benaroya Hall and found the pedestrians walking past to seem like they were on a stage with the garage door as a background.

When I saw the work crew approaching I saw an opportunity to frame them against the door but traffic was passing between them and me so had to wait until there was a break between the cars. When It happened, I tripped the shutter. The rest of the crew was past the door but this one worker was lagging behind and the sloping sidewalk seemed perfect for his girth. I cropped the other workers from the image to simplify the composition and like it like this.

The light source was from street lights so there wasn't a lot of light and I had to use a higher ISO to make the capture and do some Lightroom and Photoshop work to bring the light level up and remove some details to simplify the image more.

You can find the original composition here as well as a couple other images with this door.

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